Sciuscia Mary Jane Cherry Faux Fur
Sciuscia Mary Jane Cherry Faux Fur
Sciuscia Mary Jane Cherry Faux Fur

Sciuscia Mary Jane Cherry Faux Fur

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Shoes entirely hand-stitched, sole inspired by the bicycle tires, cotton upper.

Handmade shoes straight from mountains of Friuli, Italy.



Sciuscià was born from the desire to preserve the ancient traditions of which Italy has always been a keeper, uniting them with what is the feeling of the most modern generations.Our products are manufactured strictly according processes handed down by generations of craftsmen, supported by the use of  modern materials and cutting-edge techniques of recycling.


The production localized exclusively in the areas of origin of the product, the mountains of Friuli, is combined with the ideas and the colors of a group of friends with solid roots in the  seaside cities of the South of Italy.


The wide range of colors and fabrics in which our shoes are declinedmakes them perfect for use all day long: under the sun at the beach, in front of the moon at a dinner party.


The history of the Friulane’s shoes is a fil rouge  that has come to us through generations of people from the north-east of Italy, always careful to the recycling and functionality of Products: old tires of bicycles used as the sole, canvas jute bags as padding and clothes fabric as upper. Every single pair of Sciuscià is handmade by cobblers from Friuli that are trained in a disappearing skill of hand-stitched shoe construction. No type of glue is used to assemble the Finished product, so as to ensure a totally environmentally friendly shoe and to minimize the possibility of any allergies.

A genuine and just well done product, never equal to itself. Every single component of our shoes is chosen to be comfortable and durable.

A know how today in the hands of a few. True craftsmen , guardians of tradition..


Represents the the latest generation of craftsmen of the family. After some experiences outside he decided to return to learn the ancient art of the family, and is adding a modern twist to tradition.


Is the forefather of a family of shoemakers. The only one of his siblings to have continued this tradition. Today manufactures about 25 pairs of shoes per day and spends the rest of the time to pass on his knowledge by educating future generations.


You can not pass down and learn without love, because love for what they do is the driving spirit of our craftsmen. And just as every happy ending story respecting Laura is the girlfriend of Marco who decided to accompany him in his search of the origins. He is still learning but today she produces about 15 pairs of shoes per day and is responsible for  the quality control.


Friuli hosts the craft shop that, with precision and quality, give birth to all Sciuscià shoes. Over sixty years of experience and creative craftsmanship. A decades-long family tradition that continues for several generations. The laboratory has become over the years a reference point for many high level footwear lovers and many traders with whom Luigi and Marco have for decades partnerships very satisfactory.



Sciuscia Mary Jane Cherry Faux Fur