Collection: Coucou Suzette

Colorful, sexy, funny, unique and delightfully kitsch creations !

Initially a joke: Juliette created a little ceramic boob shaped ring for a friend and posted it on Instagram, just for fun.

People instantly asked her where they could buy it!

So she started selling the ring on her online store, a bit surprised but very enthousiastic.

That's really how everything started: thanks to a little boob!


Created in 2013, Coucou Suzette quickly stood out with its original and accessible creations, soft prices for quality accessories, comfortable cotton socks, shining pins that’llbrighten up your outfit in the blink of an eye.

Many limited editions, which are constantly renewed, according to the inspiration of the moment, as well as some best sellers that are part of a permanent collection such as the Eye Pin, the Boobs socks, or the Hug Ring.