RUHAKU is the first Ecocert certified skincare brand from Okinawa in Japan, using the strong antioxydant powers from exclusive Gettou leaves.

The First Japanese organic skin care brand with high anti-aging performances

RUHAKU is the first anti-aging organic brand coming from Okinawa (Japan) the fabulous island of longevity. RUHAKU uses the exceptional anti-oxydant properties of the Okinawa traditional Gettou leaves for a visibly younger skin.

Natural Composition

GETTOU (Alpinia Speciosa) is one of the strongest antioxidant herb. Its leaves contain 30 times more polyphenols than red wine. RUHAKU is the word created by combining RYUKYU. Indeed, Okinawa island located at the southern end of Japan used to be called Ryukyu (famous for its beautiful blue ocean, deep forest and exceptional longevity) and BIHAKU (clear and supple skin in Japanese.).


Okinawa is a resort island of Japan, and it is famous for its high life expectancy. The benefits provided from the unique plants only found on the island contribute a lot to the health of its inhabitants.

The island of Okinawa has an abundance of energetic plants. As Okinawa is under strong UV radiation, constantly exposed to a powerful sea breeze, its plants grow in a hostile environment.

Nevertheless, they not only grow up powerfully even under such a difficult environment, but they keep fresh and strong. Those plants succeed into overcoming this because they all have strong antioxidants.

The antioxidant has strong benefits to maintain beauty and a healthy skin. RUHAKU's desire is to help women regain a young and soft skin thanks to the plants coming from this exotic island.


Japanese style skin care

Apply by massaging the cleansing oil into dry skin. Once the cleansing oil has been thoroughly applied, add a small amount of either cold or warm water to “emulsify” the oil to a milky liquid. Rinse off gently with warm water.

After cleansing, take lotion on cotton and wipe the skin softly. If you scrub hardly, it can cause pigmentation and spot. Use like praise and stroke yourself who worked hard all day. Use the oil while the skin is wet with the lotion.

Get the oil on your hands then fold your hands and put it on entire face after warming a little. Then, take deep breaths enjoying the aroma, and do lymphatic massage for detox.

Finally, get the cream on the palm of your hand. Then fold your hands like praying and put the cream on entire face thoroughly. For the points that are likely to dry, please put the cream repeatedly.



RUHAKU est la première marque originaire d’Okinawa certifiée Ecocert utilisant le pouvoir unique des antioxydants provenant des feuilles de Gettou.

Première marque japonaise organique aux vertus anti-âge

RUHAKU est la première marque organique anti-âge provenant d’Okinawa (Japon), la fabuleuse île de la longévité. RUHAKU utilise les propriétés exceptionnelles des antioxydants provenant des traditionnelles feuilles de Gettou d’Okinawa pour une peau visiblement plus jeune.

Composition naturelle

Le Gettou est l’une des plantes les plus riches en antioxydants. Ses feuilles contiennent 30 fois plus de polyphénols que dans le vin rouge. RUHAKU est un mot combinant Ryukyu et BIHAKU (peau claire et souple en japonais). En effet, l’archipel d’Okinawa, située à l’extrême-sud du Japon, était autrefois appelée RYUKYU (île connue pour son bel océan turquoise, sa forêt luxuriante et son exceptionnelle longévité) et BIHAKU (peau claire et souple en japonais).


L'île d’Okinawa se trouve au Japon et est connue grâce à la longue espérance de vie de ses habitants.

Les vertus de ses plantes uniques qu’on ne trouve qu’à Okinawa, contribuent en grande partie à la santé de ses citoyens. L’île d’Okinawa regorge de plantes énergétiques. Les plantes se trouvant à Okinawa poussent dans un environnement hostile avec une brise de mer forte et un important rayonnement UV.

Cependant, non seulement ces plantes ne succombent pas à cet environnement mais elles gardent toute leur fraîcheur et poussent normalement. Ces plantes réussissent à surmonter un tel environnement en renfermant en elles un taux très élevé d’antioxydants. Ces antioxydants ont des bienfaits pour la beauté et la santé de la peau.

RUHAKU aide les femmes à retrouver une peau douce et rajeunie grâce aux plantes venant de cette fameuse île.


Comment procéder ?

Protocole de soin à la Japonaise

Appliquer l’huile démaquillante en massant sur peau sèche. Une fois l’huile démaquillante complètement étalée, ajouter une petite quantité d'eau froide ou chaude pour "émulsionner" l'huile et former un liquide laiteux. Rincer délicatement à l'eau tiède.

Après le démaquillage, utiliser la lotion purifiante à l’aide d’un coton et essuyer doucement votre peau. Si vous frottez trop fort, cela peut causer des pigments et des tâches.

Utiliser le sérum sur peau humide après la lotion. Déposer le sérum dans vos mains et appliquer sur l'ensemble du visage. Ensuite, prendre de profondes respirations pour profiter des arômes tout en vous massant lentement pour détôxifier.

Enfin, déposer de la crème au creux de votre main puis l’appliquer sur l’ensemble du visage. Sur les zones les plus sèches, déposez plusieurs couches de crème.



Gettou is a herb classified in zingiberaceae that grows up to 2-3 meters height even in a harsh soil with strong UV radiation.

Large and lush green leaves of Gettou have antiseptic and antibacterial effects. In Okinawa, they have been used for wrapping foods and insect repellent. The Gettou that grows in the strong sunlight and sea breeze has a strong antioxidant effect.

Gettou herb water and Gettou essential oil are gathering attention for their antiaging effect. Only 30cc of Gettou essential oil can be extracted from 100kg of leaves.

It has been proven that the plant contains extremely high reactive oxygen removal effect from the research of Ryukyu University.

Moreover, the Gettou has an aromatic effect that calms women’s minds that are likely to fluctuate by the changes of hormonal unbalance.

RUHAKU only uses Gettou plants cultivated on the Hamahiga island in Okinawa archipelago, that is certified by the biological organic institution “JAS”.

The island of Hamahiga is a sacred island, used to be called “the island where gods live”.


Sea Grapes: it is a kind of seaweed, very much like a grape of fruit that grows in the ocean. It is very rare seaweed which can only find under the tropical sun and clean sea around Okinawa.It has been popular since ancient times around Okinawa as the "longevity grass of the sea".

It contains rich mineral,polyphenol and amino acid and works as moisturizer.