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After working as textile designers for printing and dyeing, Junko Jinushi and Kyoko Kato moved on to jointly produce costumes and accessories for magazines, advertisements, etc., which eventually evolved to developing their own label, ANTIPAST.

A play on the Italian word, antipasto, the label evokes the idea that clothing and accessories are there to accompany the wearer, as the main meal, “to make you look nicer and brighter”.

They aim to create socks and other accessories that naturally bring a smile to your heart using playful patterns and colours for you to style and coordinate freely.



antipast inspires and escorts your appetite for wearing just like
what the sun dose to blossom flowers.
when words and textures weave lustrous trailing notes,
laughters bounce and flowers bloom.

Antipasto is a small dish prepared at the beginning of an Italian cuisine.
Just as how antipasto enlightens ones to have great expectations toward the main dish to come-
“Being an inspiration to fashion,” ANTIPAST is named to pursue and perform in the same manner.
ANTIPAST also signifies another aspect of the brand role in fashion, which is “ANTI-PAST.”
The brand name itself has been designed to represent our beliefs and ideas toward the production of
our original items which inspires creativity and arouses excitements to the unprecedented value in wearing.



Having individually worked as designers in printing, dyeing and textile fabrics,
the two had come across each other through collaborative works for magazines and advertisements.
Having realized the mutual energy and desire leading and producing enormous creative synergy,
it was a natural flow for the two to decide and establish Coup de Champignon,
in 1991, as the foundation for further creative activities.

The brand has received Amiko Kujiraoka Award of Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix in 2006.


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