Collection: Flabelus

Founded in 2020, Flabelus is a young Spanish label creating cozy slip-on shoes for the whole family. Green at its core with a strong environmental commitment, the brand has opted for a reasoned production using recycled and natural materials, from rubber soles made from repurposed tyres, to organically-grown linen. With a range of cute styles to choose from, Flabelus is simply fabulous!

Flabelus is a fusion of two traditional shoes: the Spanish espadrille and the Italian Venetian, resulting in a comfortable, resistant, timeless and very versatile shoe for today's woman. 100% Made in Spain.

Truly luxurious shoes are slowly crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. That's why Flabelus shoes are made with care and love by our Spanish craftsmen, whose techniques are certified by centuries of experience. These techniques come from long ago and guarantee a responsible use of water, water and energy, as well as carbon emissions.


Mary Jane

Each pair of Mary Janes we offer features the distinctive design and timeless charm, with the iconic strap and buckle creating a statement of comfort and versatility.