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My name is Jule, and I’m the vintage hunter behind Kamomeya (which means “shop of the seagull” in Japanese). I’m from Seoul, Korea, but I currently live in Luxembourg

As far as I remember, I have always been always fascinated by dresses – especially the old ones from my mother’s wardrobe (much to her distress). Once I entered university, I no longer had to wear my high school uniform, and I earned enough money to buy the clothes I loved. I started exploring vintage shops selling old Japanese dresses.


At first I had about 15 vintage dresses. Each one was very valuable to me, because I remembered the secret ritual trip that had led me to it. After a few years, my small room in Tokyo was crowded with new weekly finds. A friend suggested (half seriously, half joking) that the only way to continue my quest was to open a shop. 

Vintage goods at a shop in Japan.

Vintage goods at a shop in Japan.

On a shopping excursion in Japan.

On a shopping excursion in Japan.

Some of the most exciting moments and greatest discoveries of my life started that evening. I remember the whole journey: trying to figure out how to take pictures in my room for my online store, my first favorites and treasury lists, my first order (sent to Canada!), and my first fashion event, which I was invited to because of my online shop.


In 2010, I moved from Tokyo to Paris to continue my studies. When I moved to Paris, I became progressively aware of the particularities of Japanese vintage. Some of my favorite dresses or skirts suddenly looked exotic. 

The best way to explain what Kamomeya means to me is through an illustration designed by my friend Michelle Park called “Miss Kamome” (which means “Miss Seagull” in Japanese). Miss Kamome is a restless bird who symbolizes a way of connecting people with a shared passion and curiosity for beautiful things, and the excitement of traveling parcels and unexpected discoveries.


These days, I go to Japan twice a year. I can hardly imagine my life without these vintage safaris. The excitement of finding and trying on a new dress or styling it with other clothes makes my heart beat.

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