"make your day extraordinary"

NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA is a Japanese sock company established in 1950.
We are dedicated to creating products that provide incomparable value to our customers. Under our concept 
“making your day extraordinary”
We are meticulous about selecting only the finest quality of natural materials, sophisticated designs,
and knitting patterns all within a reasonable price setting.
We take pride in our long-established history that is the foundation in crafting our high-quality and timeless products.



From the time Isato Nishiguchi joined knitwin in 2012, he saw that new sock designs filled store shelves every season and that socks are a daily necessity as well as a fashion accessory for the feet, however he always felt there was a lack of high quality daily wear socks.

This gap led him and his sock company to work meticulously on selecting materials and weave to create a beautiful and timeless sock brand.
To create socks that are of the best quality and comfort to make you perform your best on whatever the day may bring.

"To thoroughly think about what customers are looking for in their lifestyles, through changing seasons.
To thoroughly review all aspects involved with sock design and manufacturing.
To incorporate the concept of “making your day extraordinary” into the sock brand to match every scene and every customer’s needs.

These aspirations are what led to the birth of NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA (NK) in March of 2017, and the journey continues as they continue to deliver the concept of “making your day extraordinary” through their products to you.


At the heart of NishiguchiKutsushita is their dedication of creating a socks that provide exceptional valueand quality to the person who wears them.

Every single person who makes Nishiguchi Kutsushita is passionate about “Hakuhitoomoi” which means “thinking of the person who will be wearing theproducts”. That is why the company logo is a sock resembling the shape of aheart.

This concept leads to selecting only the finest quality of naturalmaterials, creation of sophisticated designs and knitting patterns,combined with their long-established history that forms as the foundation incrafting high-quality and timeless products.