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Since 1939

Novesta's production facilities date back to the 1930s, when the famous shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened a new factory in the small town of Partizánske in the middle of Slovakia.

"Novesta has become one of the last purely European produced brands throughout Europe since its creation. Our journey began when Bata opened their factory in 1939 and since then we are one of the few world’s brands left, operating in the original premise with the original method on the good old reliable machines with great amount of precise manual work."

Sustainable heritage

"Our heritage products are designed with longevity in mind, this has been the case since the launch in 1939. The design and materials have been chosen specifically for this reason. Our traditional way of production ensures the prolonged lifetime of our sneakers while also creating designs with simple, good look that are transcending the fashion trends. All our heritage products are washable, with the possibility to replace the insoles, natural rubber outsoles that have been tested by years of service."

As we want to bring to the world a product that is sustainable in the most possible way we always source, from start to finish, material that is transparent, fair and sustainable along the supply chain this includes VFCS certified natural rubber supplies from verified suppliers only and GOTS organic cotton certified uppers for our Star Master and Dribble signature models. Our Marathon model is also designed to take as much recycled synthetic mesh as possible and includes an outsole from certified natural rubber.

At Novesta, we are extremely proud of the tradition, heritage, and quality of our hand-made shoes. We encourage you to visit our online shop, where you can find and purchase shoes from the latest collection.


True Novesta

The signature shoe of the Novesta brand, the Star Master still carries the unmistakeable chunky sole and vulcanisation marks that guarantee a true Novesta shoe and its durability.

Novesta collection

Novesta products

The signature shoe of the Novesta brand, the Star Master still carries the unmistakeable chunky sole and vulcanisation marks that guarantee a true Novesta shoe that can withstand the hardest challenges. Star Master originates from military sports shoes which were produced for half a century in Slovakia and combine comfort with a rugged determination. Every pair is handmade from the finest natural rubber and canvases. The style is recognisable anywhere in the world. The shoe carries the signature ‘Trampky’ logo which marks each pair as a descendant of the true Slovakian people’s shoe. The easily identified silhouette is a true European classic and one of the continent’s most enduring sneaker shapes.

The perfect addition to every wardrobe, the Star Dribble hi-top combines our iconic chunky sole silhouette with the timeless basketball boot shape beloved by millions. Either in all-cotton classic or in one of our exciting seasonal variations, the Star Dribble is the ideal shoe for a myriad of looks. Be it in one of our vivid colours, or classic monochrome, this shoe is your new best friend.

The classic runner style – nostalgic but vital – the Marathon is an elegant addition to the Novesta canon. A wealth of style variations anchored by our signature commitment to the finest material makes the Marathon a sleek essential with a splash of decadence. Comfortable, understated but a cut above the rest – the Marathon is a natural investment, in the long run. Originally produced in Partizanske for the Czechoslovakia teamed that travelled to Seoul for the 1988 Olympic Games, Marathons rapidly became a mainstay in Slovakia.

With its timeless silhouette, the Itoh is a design classic which echoes from the 80s and resonates for today. Easy to underestimate, the Itoh is a shoe of startingly luxury – leather-lined for comfort and constructed on iconic lines. As one of the most reliable manufacturers of tennis shoes for brands in the 1980s, Novesta supplied shoes to German and other European brands throughout the decade. That classic tennis shape is reflected in the Itoh but the shoe enjoys the technical updates modern wearers demand.

Industries across Europe have long relied on Novesta’s painstakingly high-quality production of rubber boots and other rubber products. From automotive firms, to rainwear suppliers and industrial footwear manufacturers, our factory in Partizanske is a watchword across the rubber industry. Our rain boots are made from high quality all-natural rubber. The cotton-lining is slid onto the boot-tree and the natural rubber is fitted to the pattern in sections. The boot is then ‘baked’ in the vulcanisation tank for an hour at 140C. For this reason, all our linings are 100 % cotton, any artificial materials would simply melt during the ‘baking’ process. Once the boots have cooled down, every pair is tested by hand to ensure it is completely waterproof. Leftover rubber is remelted and reused. There’s no waste with Novesta rain boots. And our Chelsea rubber boots are the latest iteration on our rainwear line. Elegant, practical and Novesta designed and made.